Greater Bethlehem Healing Temple

Greater Bethlehem Healing Temple

Praise the Lord Saints and Friends!

I greet you in the matchless name of out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A most of you are aware, Bethlehem Healing Temple Church has been a lighthouse and beacon on the west side of Chicago for decades. This work, which was started by the late Bishop Charles E. Poole and Evangelist Mattie B. Poole, is still a haven for lost souls and a sanctuary for the masses.

As you may be aware, circumstances and occurrences beyond our immediate control necessitated our being driven from our church for nearly 7 years! Through the prayers and support of many of you, the Lord has given us the victory and we are back in our church. Praise the Lord! We give Him all the glory and praise for the victory that he has granted unto us.

During our absence, the church building was allowed to fall into disarray. There was astronomical structure damage both external and internal. So much so, that upon returning, we had to shut the church down and continue worship off site. Through it all, we have praised God through the good times and the bad, but most of all; God has kept us together as a congregation!

We plan to restore the Bethlehem Healing Temple campus to its former glory.

We have started a work that is sanctified by God. By his grace, we will not stop until our mission is accomplished! We hope that we can count on you to share with us in our planned week of thanks and praise. God has given me a vision for our church that it will be a house of prayer, praise and power for His name sake.

God’s rich blessing we extend to all of you. Please come and be with us and share our joy during this time. To God be the glory!

Kindest Regards, Bishop Chester Hudson, Pastor