Audey Homes Convalescent, Prison and Shelter Ministries – Evangelist Martha  Morrow
Baptismal Committee –  Elder James Ketchum

Board of Directors –  Bishop Chester Hudson

Brotherhood Department – Elder Craig Cooper
Bulletin and Office Staff- Sister Deborah  Ketchum & Evangelist Philiss Johnson

Culinary – Evangelist Surenthia Sims

Deacons and Trustees Boards –  Deacon Troy Young, Sr.

Foreign Missions – Sister Lelia M. Young

Home Missions – Minister Michelle Chaffee

Marriage Ministry – Elder Willie & Evangelist Denise Brown

Matrons – Minister Mary Tolliver

Minister’s Alliance – Vernard King & Leon Davis click here

Missionary Department-   First Lady Florence Hudson &  Elder Vernard King

Multi Media- Evangelist Gwen Holmes & Deacon David Johnson, Jr.

Music Ministry –

Bishops’ Group Praise Team
Brother Darryl Thomas

Brotherhood Choir
Deacon David Johnson, Jr.

Children of Praise
Minister Michelle Chaffee & Sister Arvelia Prayer, Jr.

Voices of Greater Bethlehem Choir
Sister Theatrice Jordan, Sister Deborah Ketchum & Brother Demar English click here

New Members Class-  Dr. Michael L. Carter
Nurses and Prayer Warriors- Evangelist Maggie Collains

Singles Ministry-  Sister Janice Washington

Street and Homeless Ministry – Elder Rodney Holmes & Sister Roberye Price

Sunday School, Scholarships and Teachers Training-  Deacon Troy Young, Sr . & Elder Vernard King

Tarrying and Refilling Group-  Elder Marshall Jackson, Jr.

Ushers-  Sister Bertha  Alice Hayes

Women of Destiny with a God Given Purpose- Evangelist Gwen Holmes & Evangelist Carlas Curtis click here

Youth Ministry-  Brother Asa Young & Sister Prancella Minor-Anderson