Women of Destiny

does taking phentermine affect birth control woman-destinyThe mission of this ministry is to re-establish a commitment to excellence in helping Women of God yet not limited to only the saved. God has given Evangelist Holmes as well as me, Sis. Curtis, a deep desire to serve as servants of God, in the capacity of helping women who may have lost or losing hope in different areas of their lives. Women, who have been rejected, divorced, mentally and/or physically abused. Women that may be bitter, angry, lonely, lost, fearful, and those who have just seem to have lost their direction for their God given purpose. This Women’s Ministry will serve through the divine guidance by God, be a light into the darkness also restoration of joy, peace and fulfillment into the hearts of women who hearts have been shattered and fill that they have failed under the pressure of life. This ministry with God’s help will be a lifeline to lead us in the direction for restoration. This ministry is about helping, encouraging, listening, having compassion, and bonding together in love and unity. There will also be areas of help in this ministry, naming a few: seeking God in prayer to keep and hold us together, embracing one another with love and compassion that we may feel free to express what we are feeling, and to build self esteem.

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phentermine and emergency surgery Women of Destiny With A God Given Purpose – Be Thou Loosed united in prayer to break the barriers between women with different walks of life. In the urgency of this hour, there is a need to unite together for one cause and purpose, to bridge the gap that has divided us as women and locked up our feeling. We must unite and embrace one another that the kingdom of God may be built and the lost saved. Every woman is important. Every woman that desires healing and restoration that you may find your God given purpose to reach your destiny that you as women of God may be loosed.

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